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 What is the cause of your symptoms? Discover how Alison's unique integrative approach can support you to uncover the root of, and find relief from your challenge.  

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The Journey to Parenthood


The desire for a child is a natural and beautiful part of being human. The pain when this desire is unfulfilled goes deep and can have ain intense and often negative impact on your relationships and your health. The path to parenthood is varied and can involve different approaches such as adoption, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, egg donation to name a few. For some these are viable solutions that work to create that longed for child and family. For many of us, these methods have high costs. You may have already experienced the physical, emotional and financial impact yourself, with still no longed for child. 

More than a Sperm & Egg

If fertility is only about bringing a sperm and egg together, procedures like IVF would work every time. The creation of life is so much more than that. Even though the physical body has a more dense frequency than thoughts and emotions, it can, and often is, deeply impacted by them. In the same way, what we do (or don’t do) on a physical level, e.g. food, exercise, postural habits, medicines, suppliments etc,  all have an impact on our thoughts and emotions. If you make a cake with salt instead of sugar, every bite will taste salty.

Weaving our body, thoughts and emotions together, we have an energetic body or field, including chakras, meridians and our aura (bio-field). The health of our energetic systems is also paramount to the healthy functioning of our body, mind and emotions.

Encompassing and permeating all of this is the spiritual realm, or life itself: The atmosphere in which our physical, mental, emotional and energetic systems exist. This greater field, mystery of life, universe, whatever you want to name it, permeates us to the very depth of our being and gives an interface for our interactions with others: vitally important when co-creating a child(ren) / family). Gaining an understanding of your unique imprint of body, mind, emotions, energetics and spirit, including your relationship with your as yet unconceived child, may be the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Integral Fertility


Of course sperm and egg quality and physical health are important. There may however be a block in another, equally important aspect of yourself that is contributing to your fertility challenge. No one is immune from ‘impactful experiences’ that linger in our systems causing parts of ourselves to get ‘broken off’ or ‘frozen in time’, disrupting the smooth flow of one or more of our systems. It may even be how we ourselves were born that caused a deep and early wound. Fortunately it’s not necessary to go into endless therapy uncovering every trauma we’ve ever had. It is, however, important to give each of our systems the time, energy, love and care that they need to function optimally.

A Personal Story


I am no stranger to the pain and yearning of a fertility challenge. The inner and outer struggles, to fulfill this desire to become a mother. I was consumed by it.

Crushing disappointment every time my period arrived. For 8 years. Sometimes it was less intense than other, however this desire was always in the background, colouring everything. I experienced a turning point when my Dad passed away at the ripe old age of 94 (he was 52 when I was born). My hubby and I decided it was time to get some medical help.  I underwent invasive medical diagnostic procedures, took drugs to stimulate ovulation (yes clomid! that made my vision go weird and made the room spin). In my first scan they discovered a giant fibroid of 9cm diameter (that was making menstruation very painful). All in all it was more depressing news. And in the eyes of the medical pros, being 40+, the odds were not stacked in my favour.

So my work began. I went on a radical journey of self discovery. I was called to confront and resolve difficult and painful parts of myself that I had buried. Got help where needed, in the form of acupuncturists, herbalist and emotional support. We conceived our son via IUI Intra-Uteriene Inseminatie on the 5th try and I gave birth age (relatively) easily at age 43. To see how acupuncture can support birth read here.

Trying again


Our son has just turned 2, and I have been on this journey again for the last year. The quest to invite our second child into being. It is radically different than the first journey. I have found new resources, different approaches, uncovered different issues in myself that are calling to be healed and loved. Watch this space!


What will make the difference for You?


In recent years acupuncture has been gaining more respect, and wide spread use as a method to support conception, whether natural or medically supported. I had regular acupuncture as a supportive measure to become pregnant. Acupuncture can help to regulate menstrual cycles, and release energetic blocks. I know that acupuncture played an important role in becoming pregnant, however I am sure that it was this integral approach that made the difference.  

I am creating a new approach to fertility support. Combining acupunture with body work, movement, imagery and meditation. A deeply personal approach to your unique situation,  born out of 10 years of investigating solutions for my own fertility challenge.  I look forward to meeting you and supporting you to re-integrate those parts of yourself to juice up your fertility!

No one can promise pregnancy. The creation of life itself (and another human) being demands more respect and humilty that. That is one of the most frustrating parts of the ‘trying to conceive’ journey. What I do know, is that we need to channel our energy into what we can control: to optimise the flow and function of body, mind, emotions, energetics and spirit. Then ‘Life’ has a greater chance of coming to and through you:

“You have less control than you want AND You have more creative power than you know”

Your first appointment is 1.5 hours, and follow up sessions are 1 hour. If you have any questions, send me an email (via the contact page) or book in a free 10 minute telephone call.

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