Acupuncture for Pregnancy & Birth

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Prepare for Birth with Acupuncture


The last weeks of pregnancy are a beautiful and exciting time, full of excitement and also possibly fears, especially around the unknowns of the labour process itself. An anticipation of unbearable pain, an anxiety about medical interventions, especially for a first child. There are many ways to prepare for the coming birth of a child, from birth plans to where the birth will take place and many other factors to create a unique birthing experience for each Mama-to-be. Acupuncture offers an elegant support to help ripen a woman’s body to prepare for the natural yet challenging process of birth. From week 36, for a series of 3 or 4 weekly sessions (or until birth) certain points are stimulated to encourage cervical ripening, softening of the ligaments and preparing the pelvic area. During these pre-birth treatments, other pregnancy related physical and emotional issues may also be addressed.

A Personal Story


Giving birth to my first child at the age of 43,  pre-birth acupuncture was one of the tools I used. Easy, natural childbirth, without medical intervention, is not inherent in my family. I was not without concern that my own birth experience would be very difficult. I am happy to report that after 8 hours of labour and 8 minutes of pushing our beautiful healthy son was born. No intervention. No pain relief. 100% natural birth.  It was not a pain free experience by any stretch of the imagination. I felt however my body was primed and fully engaged with the process of giving birth as nature intended. 

Research shows:


Studies support this, showing the effectiveness of acupuncture as a pre-birth treatment to reduce the duration of the first stage of labour, including cervical ripening, by 30%. A higher rate of spontaneous labour at 70% with acupuncture, 50% without. Acupuncture may also significantly lower the need of cesarean section with an incidence of C-sections at 17% with acupuncture vs 39% without.

These numbers are compelling. As with all things there are no guarantees. There are however, no negative side-effects and only positive possibilities to create an optimum experience of childbirth for you, your baby and your family. You will also be supported with acupressure techniques you can use at home, and support material you can share and learn with your birth-partner that can also be used during labour.


Turning a Baby in a Breech Position

Between weeks 34 to 36 of pregnancy, the baby is settling itself into the pelvis ready for birth. The baby may be in a breech position, meaning that the baby is feet or bottom first. A midwife or doctor may be able to turn the baby manually. This can be uncomfortable and if it does work, does not guarantee that the baby will stay turned.

Acupuncture offers a simple treatment that can be used in support of the medical care of a doctor or midwife. It can also be used as a standalone treatment. It is completely harmless, painless, non-invasive and has a good track record of helping the baby to turn and maintain a positive birth position.

The treatment involves the use of burning moxa (a type cigar sized of incense stick) at a specific at acupuncture point Bl-67 at the corner of the little toe. During your first treatment I will use an electric version of moxa. You will receive a ‘smokeless’ moxa cigar with instructions of how to continue the treatment at home, by yourself or with help from your partner or support person.

Pregnancy Support


You may be experiencing pregnancy related challenges. Some examples of this are nausea, anxiety & depression, constipation, aches and pains, tiredness and exhaustion, insomnia to name a few. If you are experiencing any challenges or would like to optimise your health during pregnancy, do contact me for a free telephone call, or email me with your challenge and we can discuss your options.

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