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For personal reasons I have decided to temporarily close the practice. If would like to be informed when I open my practice again, please send a message to:

For an acupuncturist in the neighbourhood, you can contact my colleague: Yvonne van Schuur:

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Acupuncture Waalre

Looking for help with:

> Allergies

> Sleep problems

> Headaches / Low energy

> Menstrual issues / Fertility

> Over emotional / other complaints

Healthy, Happy and Vital!


Most of us would like to be more healthy, happy, full of energy… or all three! So what is in the way of us feeling better?

We are the sum of a lifetime of habits, thoughts, emotions, genetic information, environmental factors. This makes us who we are today and determines our levels of health, happiness and vitality. Not all elements are in our control… however some are. Simply going to bed half an hour earlier, eating organic, home cooking, gentle regular exercise can help. We all know this. That if we carry on the same, we get more of the same.

ONE step in a different direction, has the potential to create a difference our experience of happiness, health and vitality. Not only for ourselves, but for those around us as well. Easy to say.. but what step to take?

You Are Unique


You are a complex symphony of physical substances such as muscles, bone, tissue. Fluids flow through veins and arteries, electricity travels through nerves. Organs pump, nourish and excrete. Less tangible substances such as thoughts and emotions influence. Where we live, who we love, what we do.

This makes you unique. This makes your challenges unique. This is the art of Chinese Medicine. To consider all aspects of you to tailor the treatment accordingly.

Is Acupunture right for you?

Acupuncture & Personalised Exercises

No One likes a Traffic Jam


Sometimes a traffic jam can occur in one or more of these systems. When this happens, it can influence the flow of traffic. The cause maybe a simple case of ‘road temporarily closed for maintenance’ leading to a more acute challenge. Or the trouble may go deeper with multiple roadblocks causing more complex, embedded challenges.

Our aim is to identify the roadblocks and create a harmonious flow across all systems and levels, with the least amount of intervention. To (re-)activate the innate wisdom that already exists inside you. Sometimes it gets a little stuck and needs a bit of help.

Acupuncture & Personal Exercises


The tools and techniques that I use in a treatment include Acupuncture using fine needles to release and create more harmonious flow, deep heat treatment to boost energy (moxa) and different massage techniques such as cupping and gua sha to release myofascial tension.

I also use different physical and energetically focused exercises such as breathing, meditation, music and acupressure touch techniques specifically tailored for you as extra support you can use at home / between sessions.


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Who am I? A Brief Intro…


My name is Alison, originally from the UK married to a Dutchy for 10 years and since 2020 an official Dutch citizen. Together with my Husband I have been teaching Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Tai Chi Dance for the last 6 years

I have been practicing this lineage of Tai Chi for 12 years and was inspired and intrigued to deepen my knowledge and skill by starting the life-long study of Chinese medicine.



Monday 8.30 - 12.30am
Wednesday 9.00 - 12.30am
Friday 14.30 - 18.30pm



Alison Menzies
Anna Paulownalaan 2
5583 BE Waalre
+31 642177602

KvK: 61158666
Lid NVA: D4215

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